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    Over-ear or circumaural are the largest headphones. They completely cover the ear by surrounding it with the pads. They are the largest and heaviest, but they are usually very comfortable, especially if we are going to wear them for hours. In general, this design is common among  headphones with higher sound quality (among other things, they can integrate larger drivers ) 


    How much sound quality do you need?

    What determines the sound quality of wireless headphones is the quality of the transducers, the internal amplifier, the DAC and their connectivity . As some of these data are not usual in the technical sheets, there are other parameters that can help us assess the quality of the sound.

    • Roughly speaking , the drivers are the loudspeakers of each headset and their quality depends on their design and construction . As we anticipated in the previous point, larger shells have room to house a larger driver , which translates into a richer sound with more nuances. As a general rule, headphones with drivers larger than 40mm tend to offer good sound quality.
    • The wireless connectivity that we find in wireless headphones is radio frequency, NFC and the most common of all: Bluetooth. Betting on a model with Bluetooth 5.0 or higher influences aspects such as range, data transmission speed, energy efficiency and sound quality


    As was the case with drivers, a smaller headset has less space to house a large battery. It is the price to pay with a lighter model. As you will see later, as we list different models, the autonomy range varies considerably if we go for a button headset or an over-ear one .

    In any case, the most compact wireless headphones (the button and in-ear ones ) have an ace up their sleeve: the possibility of extending their autonomy with the case , so that when we store them they are also charged.

    However, the autonomy of a headset differs greatly depending on the use, the volume or if we have the noise cancellation technology activated or not.

    Although it is always appreciated that the charging time is as short as possible (the models with USB-C exceed the more affordable ones with micro USB) and that it is comfortable (there are those with wireless charging), wireless charging headphones are very attractive quick . Because in some cases, a few minutes of charging is enough for us to use them for hours.

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